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The Unbecoming workbook is a tool that serves as your guide to overcoming limiting self-beliefs that have been holding you back from being your authentic self.


Part guide and part journal, the workbook helps you delve into your childhood patterns and understand how they shape your current worldview. Inside, you'll find a range of exercises and tools to explore your values and core beliefs, grasp the impact of intergenerational trauma, and set a vision with goals that align with your authentic self.


The workbook includes a monthly goal and habit tracker to help you stay on track and achieve your goals. There's also a space for reflection, so you can take stock of your progress and continue to grow and evolve on your journey to authenticity.


The Unbecoming workbook contains the information and exercises;


Important insights on how we become disconnected from our authentic selves and how to reconnect.

• Exploration of values and core beliefs.

• Information on intergenerational trauma and how behaviours, beliefs, and reactions are passed down through the generations

• Mindfulness visualization exercises to help create a vision for the authentic life you want to live

• Journaling prompts to help you define and create your authentic self

• Goal-setting worksheets to set goals aligned with your authentic self

• A monthly planner & tracker to help you achieve your goals and reconnect with your authentic self.


Whether you are looking to heal from past traumas, understand yourself better, or live a more authentic and fulfilling life, the Unbecoming workbook is an invaluable guide to help you.




• 1 PDF file containing the workbook of 90 pages.


Please note that this is a digital product to be printed. Files are not editable and can only be printed to be written on.

Unbecoming: A Digital Workbook

  • All digital workbooks are final sale only. Due to digital products being immediately accessible upon purchase, no refunds of any fees or other amounts paid in connection with the workbook will be allowed under any circumstances. 

  • You will be emailed a download link immediately after purchase. (Sometimes, they do end up in your spam box). Once you have saved the Workbook, you can access it as often as possible and print the workbook. 

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