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Mending Bonds, Healing Wounds: Your Journey to Connection.

Meet Stephanie Underwood, R.S.W 

Healing begins when we recognize the nature of trauma and understand its impacts.


As a trauma-informed social worker, I offer a holistic approach that considers the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of a person's well-being. My goal is to create a safe, compassionate, and empowering environment that enables my clients to find a new sense of hope, strength, and relief. 


By working together, we can achieve long-lasting changes that lead to improved relationships, increased self-esteem, and reduced anxiety.

Social Worker

Practice Areas

Areas of Specialty


Anxiety, Panic Attacks





Trauma, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, (PTSD), CPTSD, Crisis Intervention


Medication Management, Substance Misuse
Distress Tolerance, Emotion Regulation, Interpersonal Relationships
Loss and Bereavement, Life Transitions
Practice Areas
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Counselling Approaches


Trauma-Informed Approach

A trauma-informed approach in counselling is a therapeutic framework that recognizes and addresses the impact of past trauma on an individual's present-day mental and emotional health


Biopsychosocial Approach

A biopsychosocial approach is a holistic framework that considers the interplay between biological, psychological, and social factors in understanding and addressing mental health issues. 


Attachment-Based Approach

An attachment-based approach explores how an individual's attachment history may influence their current patterns of relating in relationships, and aims to promote the development of healthy, secure attachments.


Systemic Approach

A framework that examines individuals within the context of their relationships and social systems. It aims to address the impact of the larger social, cultural, and systemic factors on an individual's thoughts, feelings, and behaviours. 

Counselling Services

Discover compassionate and personalized counselling services tailored to your unique needs. Explore individual and couples counselling services to find the support that aligns with your journey.


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